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- Starting in 2020 we will only be offering CD versions of the newest releases.


You are welcome to contact us (via the About page) to see if any CD copies are still available of older releases.
Or if you need to complete a set ... please write.


All of our albums are of course available right now in high quality downloads and streaming from the Bandcamp sites.


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APK / January 2020

Ambient, drone, and experimental electronic music since 2002

Other News


The Cold Spring label has re-released Fantastic Journey by The CIrcular Ruins and Mystified in a great new package. Originally released in 2013, Fantastic Journey is an homage to writers such as Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and other pioneers from the early age of science fantasy. The new release incorporates the original imagery, has a new track created just for this release, and is also available in an elegant, pressed CD version.


Click the cover image to go to the album page at Cold Spring.



Very much a continuation release from the recent Where Stars Are Mirrored.

Four tracks (68 minutes) of deep ambient meditations.

The Hive Project

This new Hive Project release combines beats, pads, strings, curious noises, and of course leads, for a more dynamic, but still immersive and moody, ambient electronica.

Robert Davies

A musical journey into the peaceful solitude and oneiric shadowland of immersive nature. Another beautiful, contemplative work from Robert.


The corona virus pandemic has of course affected some shipping times worldwide for physical CDs. Please have patience. 

Most Recent Releases


Fictions and Poetics

Starting from slow solo treated piano, these works evolved into gentle melancholic dreamscapes ... and sonic recollections.

Nunc Stans

Music of deep intimacy and profound distances.
Distant, yet so very near.

Robert Davies

Another beautiful ambient album of pastoral idealism from Robert Davies. Music that taps into the harmony and transcendent balance and mystery of the natural world. Intimate, freeing, and expansive.

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