Blue Oasis records


Robert Davies
Cloak of Summer

Nunc Stans
Eurydice Suite


Fictions and Poetics

The Circular Ruins
Curious Geometries


Fictions and Poetics
A Clear Day And No Memories

Fictions and Poetics
The Primacy of

Robert Davies
Sylvan Glen

Nunc Stans
Outer Limit

Fictions and Poetics

Specta Ciera & Arbee

The Winterhouse
Unlit Passages

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans

Fictions and Poetics

Fictions and Poetics
Inscriptions 02

Fictions and Poetics
Inscriptions 01

Robert Davies

Robert Davies
Elemental Shimmer

The Circular Ruins

Fictions and Poetics

Nunc Stans
Edge of Visibility

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Resonant Fields

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Until Voices Wake Us

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Nunc Stans
Secret Passages

Fictions and Poetics

Nunc Stans
Crossing Bridges





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Dec 2014 - No new demos accepted right now.
We are currently only accepting demos from artists
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Note 2010 :: We are primarily releasing albums on CDR (plus downloads) on the Dataobscura label right now.

You can send a CD or, perhaps better, email us links to mp3 files of the album. MP3 files are both quicker and cheaper and should get a quick response from us. But ... ONLY send links to full album tracks for immediate download, NOT to pages on myspace or some similar artist site. We don't have time to sort through things ... especially if you don't have time to post a finished set of album tracks.

If you want to send a physical demo send us a quick email and we will let you know the mailing address.

Some details about who you are is very important. We do not give any time to impersonal emails like "Hi, I have a demo. Check out my tracks here ...." So tell us who you are, why you are interested in us, and why we should spend our time listening to your music.

We will contact you if we are interested, and usually give a quick note if we are not. Please please PLEASE be sure to check out the style of music we actually release ... this can save a lot of time and effort on both sides. We really are very fussy about the style of music we release.

If you have not heard from us and really think you should then please send us a reminder email ... things do get mysteriously misplaced around here and emails responses are sometimes believed to have been sent when they have not.

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Fictions and Poetics

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