Specta Ciera + The Circular Ruins

A beautiful ambient collection that simply breaths of open skies, blue waves, and relaxed personal spaces.

It is perhaps just one story, a singular pattern woven into the shifting fabric of time. Music that is both relaxed and poignant.

Nunc Stans

More deep ambient drone-infused excursions from Nunc Stans. 

Robert Davies

An entrancing album of pastoral ambient, with the quality and qualities we have come to expect from Robert Davies.

Fictions and Poetics

Most Recent Releases


Please Note
We are in the process of moving our physical CD sales over to our DataObscura Bandcamp site. As you can imagine, this will take some time. For now, the most recent albums are already available there. For earlier physical releases on DataObscura, please contact us to arrange orders.


All of our albums are of course available right now in high quality downloads and streaming from the Bandcamp sites.


Thank you.

APK / November 2019

Ambient, drone, and experiemental electronic music since 2002

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