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- CD sales of DataObscura releases have been moved to our Bandcamp site.

- Starting in 2020 we will only be offering CD versions of the newest releases.


You are welcome to contact us (via the About page) to see if any CD copies are still available of older releases.
Or if you need to complete a set ... please write.


All of our albums are of course available right now in high quality downloads and streaming from the Bandcamp sites.


Thank you.

APK / January 2020

Ambient, drone, and experimental electronic music since 2002

Robert Davies

Light plays upon the shimmering surface of things,
reflecting the surrounding world ...
while offering glimpses of a world within.

The Circular Ruins

More immersive electro-ambient excursions into
the labyrinth of life, by The Circular Ruins.

Fictions and Poetics

A very consistent set of ambient works that capture a definite mood ... or do they, perhaps, create it?

Composed while in a self-imposed quarantine period during the 2020 covid crisis.


The corona virus pandemic has of course affected shipping times worldwide. We mainly ship physical albums to Europe and the USA. From Canada these would normally take a week or so to arrive. But with huge cutbacks in flights, postal staff and customs staff, and slower processing, shipping times are likely to be much longer, possibly many weeks. Please have patience. 

Most Recent Releases


The Winterhouse

Five intimate and immersive soundscapes from an uncertain season.

Fictions and Poetics

A rich and unified collection of ambient pieces. The style is something of a cross between Nunc Stans and The Circular Ruins, and is sure to please fans of either. 

Nunc Stans

What is most like the fleeting temporality of our lives, but music. The ebb and flow. The moods. The variations on a theme. For we are time. A slowly evolving, temporary music ...
with only one end.

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