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:: BOCD-002
The Circular Ruins: Falling Into The Sky
The Circular Ruins: Falling Into The Sky

The Circular Ruins returns with a totally engaging dossier of sweeping atmospherics, sonic curiosities, and existential depths ... tapping into a rich ambient soundworld you just can't find elsewhere.


"Listening to "Falling Into the Sky", I'm reminded of my belief that Kerby's greatest gift has always been his ability to create a sustained musical environment over the course of a disc. Throughout his musical career, he has made beautiful music that forms a space around the listener, a space rich in depth and nuance that inspires further exploration and investigation as each song flows into the next. "Falling Into the Sky" is a fine example of Kerby's gifts, a collection of music that takes the listener on a journey to a new location to be experienced. As with all of his releases, "Falling Into the Sky" comes highly recommended."
rik maclean - ping things  (
full review here )

"... Falling Into the Sky, represents both a departure from, and a continuation of, the TCR tradition. The sounds of departure, towards a more expansive sense of weight with less density, may be seen as drawing on APK’s programme for this work – an envisioning of a kind of ineffable lightness of being, one where scientific laws are inverted, where a journey might call forth not action, but a form of escapism, of drifting away. On one level perhaps a metaphysical extension of the early 90s armchair voyager notion of “Travelling without moving”.

"Falling from the Sky, overall, impresses as a substantial work of sonorous reflectivity imbued with a deep melancholy, nevertheless succeeding in enfolding within itself a glimmering luminosity – suggestive of the spirit of humanism in the face of the sky’s supreme indifference at our fall."
Alan Lockett /

"... this is an impressive disc! A suspension of weightless drones, no beats and no rhythm, this is easily the most atmospheric Circular Ruins to date -and as spacious as the photo that graces the CD cover. The prevailing mood here seems to be one of wistfulness and solitude, this is great music for a cloudy winter day. A highlight among the highlights for me is Paracelsus 3, where you seem to be suspended in a stratospheric windstorm, as vaporous snatches of conversation drift past. The sound-effects in this track are incredible.... Of course, this is certainly among the very best discs I've heard this year, and my favorite Circular Ruins disc yet. Highly recommended."
Joe Rygwelski
- Hypnos forum

Falling into the Sky
is more glitchy ambient goodness from APK, aka Anthony Paul Kerby aka The Circular Ruins (TCR). We start with the 13-plus minute title track, with warm pads flowing over the top of electronic twitters and small grains of static. It is trademark TCR, dissolving into a low drone at the end. “Immer Du” eases things down further into relaxed ambience with the same slight edge, and some muffled background vocal samples. “Minus 40” keeps the music appropriately chilled, with a softly whooshing wind and a continued emphasis on subtlety. “A Day Without Secrets” sounds like a lost gem to an indie soundtrack, melancholy but beautiful and engaging. Next is a three-part 17-minute suite called “Paracelsus.” Each part makes good use of abstract layers of sound to set the mood. “A Dreamer of Pictures” reminds me of James Johnson with its use of sparse piano to add to the ambience. “It Is Always Too Late” is 13 minutes that seems to go nowhere yet creates a nice space in which to unwind for the duration. The last track brings the disc to short subdued conclusion.

 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space


1. Falling Into The Sky
2. Immer Du
3. Minus 40
4. A Day Without Secrets
5. Paracelsus 1
6. Paracelsus 2
7. Paracelsus 3
8. A Dreamer of Pictures
9. It Is Always Too Late
10. Slightly More Than Can Be Said

Date - 2007 // Total time - 64:07

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