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Nunc Stans
Eurydice Suite


Fictions and Poetics

The Circular Ruins
Curious Geometries


Fictions and Poetics
A Clear Day And No Memories

Fictions and Poetics
The Primacy of

Robert Davies
Sylvan Glen

Nunc Stans
Outer Limit

Fictions and Poetics

Specta Ciera & Arbee

The Winterhouse
Unlit Passages

Robert Davies

Nunc Stans

Fictions and Poetics

Fictions and Poetics
Inscriptions 02

Fictions and Poetics
Inscriptions 01

Robert Davies

Robert Davies
Elemental Shimmer

The Circular Ruins

Fictions and Poetics

Nunc Stans
Edge of Visibility

Robert Davies
Robert Davies
Resonant Fields

Robert Davies
The Winterhouse
Until Voices Wake Us

Robert Davies
Robert Davies

Nunc Stans
Secret Passages

Fictions and Poetics

Nunc Stans
Crossing Bridges






Nautic Depths & Nunc Stans: Falling Silent
:: MP13


Falling Silent explores sombre and highly intimate sound worlds, maintaining an expressive flow with many embedded details.


Please use the above Bandcamp link to purchase the download.
Price: $0.00
Out of Stock

Anthony Paul Kerby & Tomas Weiss: Revelation
:: DB048


Not a Construct release, but it belongs wth these other two collaborations.

As with their previous two collaborations, Revelation is a masterpiece of complex and lush ambient soundscapes. Deep Grassow-like drones are expertly overlaid and entwined with a myriad details, subtle melodies, and inventive flourishes. Both majestic and yet deeply intimate, this is music that you can return to again and again.

See the Details page for a full set of samples.
Price: $13.49

Tomas Weiss & Anthony Paul Kerby: Appearances
:: MP002


Not a Construct release, but we decided to put it in this section.

The second collaboration between Tomas Weiss and Anthony Paul Kerby. Appearances is an immersive, expressive ambient release that is both lush and timeless, and will certainly reward enthusiasts of deep listening.

Please note that the physical album release is on Musical Philosophy ( 


Please use the above Bandcamp link to purchase the download.
Price: $0.00
Out of Stock

Anthony Paul Kerby and Tomas Weiss: Distant Shadows
:: C001


The first collaboration between APK and Tomas Weiss. Expertly crafted, rich with detail and brooding undertones, the work is composed as one vast and immersive journey through elaborate sonic landscapes and northern visions of isolation, serenity, subtle powers and hidden depths.

Please Note that at DataObscura we are selling only the download release.
The physical CD version is available from el culto.

The download version is NOW available on our Bandcamp site in whatever format you need.
Plus full tracks to preview. Please use this link: 


For the CD version, please use the el culto link above.
We do not have the physical version in stock.

Price: $0.00
Out of Stock

The Circular Ruins: Curious Geometries
:: DO-092


Long-awaited new release from The Circular Ruins.

Pressed CD available now through DATABLOEM
in the Netherlands.

Download available at Bandcamp.

Please see Details page.
Price: $0.00
Out of Stock

Robert Davies: Sylvan Glen
:: DO-091


Subtle and entrancing ambient vistas from a master of the genre.
Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: Outer Limit
:: DO-090


More deep ambient excursions from Nunc Stans.
Price: $13.25

Specta Ciera & Arbee: Surface
:: DO-089


Surface is a collaboration that expertly weaves a broad and appealing canvas of contemporary electro-ambient music.
Price: $13.25

The Winterhouse: Unlit Passages
:: DO-088


Soundscapes and intimate journeys.
Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: Mercurial
:: DO-087


Encompassing, relaxing, meditative, and mercurial.
Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: Resolution
:: DO-086


More deep ambient journeys from Nunc Stans.
Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: Elemental Shimmer
:: DO-085


Further immersive ambient excursions into the beauty
and mystery of our intimate pastoral landscapes.
Price: $13.25

The Circular Ruins: Perpetual
:: DO-084


A labyrinth of evolving and complex ambiance.
Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: Edge of Visibility
:: DO-083


More deep ambient journeys from Nunc Stans.
Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: Resonant Fields
:: DO-082


A gorgeous new release from Robert Davies, a perfect follow up to the earlier Estuary.
Consistent and delicate pastoral ambient beauty.
Price: $13.25

The Winterhouse: Until Voices Wake Us
:: DO-081


Moving, complex, and powerful ambient. The 8th Winterhouse release.
Price: $13.25

Robert Davies: Estuary
:: DO-080


Four beautiful 15 minute minimal ambient pieces that flow like gentle water across the sedges and rocks at the tide's edge. Immersive, subtle, relaxing, and as captivating as nature herself.
Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: Secret Passages
:: DO-079


More deep ambient journeys from Nunc Stans.
Price: $13.25

Nunc Stans: Crossing Bridges
:: DO-078


Deep, monumental ambient journeys, in the style of the earlier "Elementa" from 2016.
Price: $13.25

Specta Ciera + The Circular Ruins: Mnemosyne
:: DO-077


Another rich offering that expertly blends styles of ambient and electronica into compelling and intriguing soundscapes.
Price: $13.25

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